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What is DVD?
DVD is the delivery of video in a digital compact disc format, i.e. "Digital Video Disc"

Is there more than one type of DVD?

DVD -- These discs are manufactured or pressed using an Injection Molding System. This is the type of disc that you would buy or rent from a video store. These discs should play in all DVD players.

DVD-R -- This type of disc is what you would burn using the DVD-R Burner on your PC computer or what MDI would create from your existing video source or DVD-R master. These discs are playable in 75% of existing DVD players and all DVD players manufactured after 2001.

DVD+R -- Created by some Mac Computers DVD+R burners, this format is not as popular as DVD-R's but can be converted to the DVD-R format.

DVD-ROM -- Data storage for computers; anything that you can put on a CD-R, you can put on this format.

How do you manufacture DVDs?

Pressing -- If you require larger quantities of 500 units or more this is the most cost efficient method. This method may be the best if you are unsure what type of DVD player the end user will have.

Burning -- When producing smaller amounts of discs: i.e. 2 - 500, this becomes an excellent way of keeping a small inventory that a select number of clients can see.

How do I make a DVD-R master?

Authoring -- This is when your video content is converted to an MPEG-2 format using an authoring computer. This process allows you to add menus, special chapter breaks, additional language tracks, and bonus video. This process can cost from $2,000.00 - $10,000.00 depending on the features you select. From this disc you can burn and press additional copies.

Video Direct -- This process allows you to go directly from your existing video to a DVD-R disc, the disc will hold up to 120 minutes of video content at the same quality as the master. This is an excellent format for corporate or promotional videos and for storing old video footage. Price ranges for this can be from $45 - $81. Chapter breaks can be set 3, 5, or 10 minutes apart or not at all. This disc can be used to make additional copies.